Our Vision

The Rhode Island Hoarding Disorder Task Force envisions a future of expanding leadership, coordinated community services, and empowerment for all individuals impacted by excessive accumulation, clutter and hoarding disorder through education, access to resources, a person-centered approach and commitment to diversity, inclusion, dignity, and equity.

We aspire to bring a collaborative spirit and coordinated efforts to support individuals impacted by collecting, accumulating, or hoarding within their homes. The RI HD Task Force strives to provide a safe place for any individual seeking to access information about state and local resources that are appropriate to individual goals.

In understanding generational and trauma-based complexities of collecting and acquiring objects, the RI HD Task Force is mindful about being culturally inclusive and judgement free. We invite you to browse the information and resources; including information provided under the General Resources page.

Task Force Goals & Objectives

  • To educate ourselves and the community about hoarding and available resources
  • To promote prevention, early intervention, and best practices
  • To support and empower those who are affected by accumulation, excessive clutter, and hoarding.
  • To investigate, educate and report on identified needs, gaps, barriers, and resources for making recommendations to improve person-centeredness and quality outcomes for individuals to achieve their goals.
  • To support quarterly public meetings to provide training opportunities, networking, and updates on taskforce workgroups.
  • To educate and support opportunities for community partnership and coordination of resources for program development.
  • To build connections to increase workforce development in core competencies and specialized training.

To join or learn more about opportunities to participate in the RI HD Task Force, please contact us at: RIEMHAC@gmail.com.