Assessment Forms

Assessment Tools

The following tools are helpful in assessing hoarding behavior and the impact on an individual.

Clutter Image Rating Scale

The Clutter Image Rating Scale was developed by Dr. Randy Frost. The tool provides images of rooms in increasing stages of clutter. It helps assess the impact of hoarding on the individual with hoarding behavior.

Hoarding Rating Scale

The Hoarding Rating Scale assesses key features of hoarding using a brief interview.


HOMES is an assessment that helps identify level of risk in a hoarding situation. It is a brief tool that can be used to understand the scope of the hoarding and begin to develop a plan.

Uniform Inspection Checklist

The Uniform Inspection Checklist helps identify, assess, and address hoarded situations. It allows users to objectively identify Harm Reduction targets, prioritize reasonable and relevant goals, set a baseline status, and monitor and measure progress throughout the resolution process.