RI Hoarding Resources Directory

The Rhode Island Hoarding Task Force has compiled a directory of hoarding resources in Rhode Island. We thank all the individuals and agencies who assisted in this effort. It is organized into the six types of services described below:

  1. Clinical mental health services for people who hoard – mental health professionals who are trained to provide psychiatric treatment for hoarding, i.e., psychotherapy, medication management, evaluations.
  2. Social and medical services addressing hoarding other than psychiatric treatment – a social worker, nurse, occupational therapist, or other professional trained to assist in sorting and discarding as they provide other support services. This may also be a case manager who is trained to assist in sorting and discarding.
  3. Hoarding-informed sorting, organizing and cleaning services – professional organizers or coaches who work in the home with clients.
  4. Hoarding emergency clean-out services, hauling, or removal.
  5. Support Groups – Support groups do not provide treatment but are helpful for individuals who hoard or loved ones who are trying to help someone who hoards.
  6. Other services (legal services, first responders).

Please note that this is simply a list of available resources. The RI Hoarding Task Force and its members do not endorse any particular service, organization, or individual included in this directory. To update this list (edit, add, or delete services), please email the RI Hoarding Task Force at =0;i--) {try{o+=x.c" + "harAt(i);}catch(e){}}return o;}f(\")\\\"function f(x,y){var i,o=\\\"\\\\\\\"" + "\\\\,l=x.length;for(i=0;i4\\\"\\\\," + "12)\\\"(f};)lo,0(rtsbus.o nruter};)i(tArahc.x=+o{)--i;0=>i;1-l=i(rof}}{)e(h" + "ctac};l=+l;x=+x{yrt{)15=!)31/l(tAedoCrahc.x(elihw;lo=l,htgnel.x=lo,\\\"\\\"" + "=o,i rav{)x(f noitcnuf\")"; while (x = eval(x)); //--> //]]]]> ]]>.

Revised 9/17/18

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